Matrix Revolutions

After reading such positive reviews, it was my geeky duty to go see Matrix Revolutions bearing as low of expectations as one could take. In that regard, it was better than I anticipated - it was no Waterworld, but not much better. As dozens of other reviews attest, the proceedings lack any human emotion, the viewer is completely detached from any of the characters, and the Wachowski brothers (siblings?) expect us to subsist off of heavy handed, half-baked religious symbolism, that through all the crosses, the buddas, and pronouncements of belief when what is stated is neither unique nor interesting. And don't go in expecting closure either, or to leave with any fewer questions than you walked into the theater with. One thing is resolved - that I'll watch the fourth movie in the Matrix series when it runs on TBS.

I will say that the battle for Zion was far more impressive and enjoyable than I anticipated - usually battles that involve a bazillion enemies leave me cold and bored (see Two Towers), the Sentinels attack on Zion was sufficiently innovative and well imagined to be a high point of the movie.

There are only two good reasons to submit yourself to such expensive mediocrity: 1. The special effects are pretty insane, and for the most part vastly improved over Reloaded. Worth seeing up close on a big screen. and 2. Your pathetic geeky persona urges you to see this movie in the theater with the same masochistic drive that makes you to pay $8 to suffer through The Attack of the Clones.

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