Turkey Day Aftermath and what not

Visited my family and my new in-laws for Turkey Day and had an extremely relaxing time. I got my brother a Go board for his birthday (along with the excellent Mario & Luigi). Todd and I played once, but my Dad and I played four or five games, all very close. Go is such an amazing game. Bessie and Todd played a few hours of Mario Kart: Double Dash!. I wasn't impressed with the game when I saw it in May at E3, and I'm still not impressed with the single player, the cooperative play makes it feel really fresh. (The two players ride on the same kart; one drives and the other uses the items and helps out with powerslides.) It's no Halo coop, but it requires enough communication and synchronization to make it really feel like you're racing together. It was a great way to spend time with my side of the family.

Visiting my in-laws was quite a treat as well. Mrs. Yang always tries to stuff me with the sheer volume of food she prepares, and I always oblige because it tastes so good. Vicki and Tracy are always awesome to hang out with and play games with. (Tip: tickle their feet while they sleep - tiny Asian girls threaten you with demonic voices!) While I was there I saw My Neighbor Toronto and decided that if given the chance, I would buy a cat bus.

Altogether awesome trip. Now I'm snowed in here in Baltimore and spending my time blogging, cleaning up the apartment for some friends that will hopefully be able to make it over, and trying to finish up Fire Emblem.

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