Stikfas - more action figure dorkiness

Action figures to be the epitome of dorkiness. Granted, I've posted about awesome (and expensive) monkey action figures and my monitor is guarded by six Pokemon figurines and a bunch of painted RoboRally pieces, but I'm not a geek in denial. Really.

Anyways Kevin got me a Stikfas Alpha Male for Christmas. At first, I was like, oh, cool, this is pretty neat. Then I put him together and Todd started posing him and the awesomeness was revealed to me in a beam of white light. Their posability is remarkable - they can stand on one foot and almost any possible human pose can be accomplished with a little determination. While the sets of Stikfas include stickers and whatnot to decorate your dude, the abstraction of the model means that the only the human pose reflects their persona; they can be male, female, angry, happy, indicated by their pose. I've been posing my Alpha Male all week when I'm building the game at work; he comes with about 20 weapons that makes him frequently act out scenes in action movies. He sometimes goes into John Woo double pistol mode, sometimes he shoots his uzi from the ladder that he uses to climb my monitor, other times he fires his shotgun from behind his riot shield. He's just awesome to play with.

If you're interested in these guys at all, make sure you shop around; the prices vary wildly online. I'd suggest using Froogle - I found a really great deal on the knight dude from Sears of all places.

Here's some more pictures of ones that I'm dying to get my hands on. . .

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