Free Radical Design!

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
16 player multiplayer on the PS2 version. This is a bit of a blessing and a curse. Blessing because the TimeSplitters series needs to be online like hot chocolate needs marshmallows; curse because the PS2 version of TimeSplitters 2 is crippled by load times up four times as long as the other platforms, plus it ain't nearly as pretty. If Future Perfect somehow supported XBox Live (a possibility with EA's "surprise" announcement of their support of Microsoft's online gaming system), that would be reason enough for me to buy the system. Well, Full Spectrum Warrior may cause me to break down anyways. . .

Second Sight
Its hard to determine which I'm more excited about: the next TimeSplitters or Free Radical's first non-fps with an actual storyline. Looks like the game has psychic powers, stealth, and some gunplay - rarely a boring mix! Here's an SAT analogy for you geeks out there - Factor 5 is to Hoth Missions as Free Radical Design is to? The answer?

Siberian outpost levels!