How to do an E3 Recap

Gamespot interviewed Michael Pachter, the senior vice president of research for investment banking and brokerage firm Wedbush Morgan Securities. While his title might suggest that he doesn't know anything about gaming, his responses to questions are insightful and exceptionally opinionated - in a way I like!

Here's on of my favorite snippets:

GS: What's the conventional wisdom say when looking at Microsoft's decision to can its sports lineup? Is it that they can't compete with EA's sports lineup?

MP: It's not just that no one can compete with EA. Microsoft [games] suck! I guess their tennis game was good--Top Spin. Microsoft should can all games that they developed and should have bought somebody who knows how to do it.

GS: Have they bought anyone in recent history that knows what they're doing?

MP: The Rare guys were great developers for the N64, but they didn?t do anything for these guys. [Microsoft] made some really bad decisions. They should have bought EA. They screwed up.

Ouch! Love it!

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