Prince of Persia 2

Looks cool, but the IGN article that came with the picture has me a little scared:

What was wrong with the original Prince? Camera, pacing, easy enemies, no boss fights, sand creatures who felt fluffy...? Prince of Persia 2 promises to remedy this -- all of this. Combat will be the biggest change. Ubi is touting a new "freeform" combat system that will allow gamers to string together any attack or move to any other. The result is rumored to be something akin to Tony Hawk, not necessarily in terms of specific control and button layout, but rather in how it will be possible to move from a swipe to a stab to a summersault to a rail slide, or heel grab, or whatever.

I've agreed that the camera had issues, but I thought they did have boss fights? And since when do boss fights make for a better game? Who thought the creatures in the first game were fluffy? I also didn't mind the game's "ease", I had issue with the poor feedback and widely varying difficulty. Concerning the combat, their innovative "freeform" system sounds a lot like something I've heard of called a "fighting game", where you can string together attacks to form things called "combos." Way to ride the bleeding edge, UbiSoft.

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