RTS + Pinball?

Every E3, there's usually one or two little gems that I can't wait to get my hands on. This year it comes as Odama from Yoot Saito, the mastermind behind Seaman, for the Nintendo GameCube. Here's a snippit on Odama from GameSpot:

. . . Odama is fundamentally a pinball game, and bears all the basic traits of a good pinball game--realistic physics, the ability to tilt the board, and so on. However, the pinball happens to take place on a historical battlefield. And what you need to do, in order to help your army achieve victory against superior enemy odds, is use the odama--a gigantic, metal ball--to bulldoze enemy forces, buildings, and defenses, so that you can clear a path for your army's siege party to reach the enemy warlord. How's that for strange?

Who says RTS games can't be innovative?

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