How could you not rub this?

Update: This game is coming to the US (?!?) as "Feel the Magic: XY/XX" and IGN has some interesting gameplay details.

Alright, I may have dissed Nintendo's approach to the DS, but the few games that have been announced may make the system the official DeathMonkey Best Console of All Time Forever Plus.


Because the games sound so friggin' weird.

I thought the surgery game would be the most bizarre title to launch on the system, but it ain't got nothing on the Sonic Team's Kimishine.

This is a dating sim where you try to hook up with a chick by RUBBING THE SCREEN. Woah. While this game has got to be more appropriate than it sounds, but with a one-line description like that, I'd be shocked to ever see it on a WalMart shelf. The original working title was "Project Rub", which the team claims it was an Engrish pun with "Project Love". Gotta "rub" puns that reinforce racial stereotypes!

Ok, I'll stop with the rub/love thing now. Promise.

All you need is rub! Hahahahah. Sorry.

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