Rez Follow Up

Miziguchi called my bluff and did have something in the bag. While Rez was a music/shooter, his new development team (Q-Entertainment) is seemingly mixing a Tetris-style puzzle games with his electronic music vibe.

SPOnG reports:
[F]rom what we can make out, the player interacts with a set of blocks in order to manipulate a graphic equaliser, therefore impacting on the game?s soundtrack in some way.

I'm somewhat disappointed to find that the gameplay appears to be one of the least interesting in any gaming genre. Falling blocks is so 1988. Still, Miziguchi turned a rail shooter into one of the most enthralling experiences, so there's more than a chance he can pull through again. I'm quite disappointed that this is going to be a PSP title. With an awesome Christmas season and the DS being released, the thought of burning $400+ on a PSP just to get some personal time with Miziguchi's latest is torture on the pocketbook.

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