Go-Go-Go-Go-Go. . .

I've been playing some Go lately on Little Golem. Ok, maybe a lot. While anyone familiar with playing turned based games over the internet can tell plenty of stories of games puttering out after a few turns and going nowhere. Little Golem has a silver bullet: parallelism.

Little Golem encourages you to get into plenty of games at going at the same time. The result reminds me of an old commercial where it showed Gary Kasperov playing against a hundred junior chess players at once, walking down a row of chess boards, pausing an instant, making a move, then going onto the next. Except online everyone is walking between every Go board making their move. Physically impossible and incomprehensible, but online it makes perfect sense. I'm currently involved in over 20 games of Go at the same time. I'm playing against a friend at work, against my brother, two sets of rating matches, and a few tournaments.

Go is a tough game, and sitting down to play a 19x19 board for a few hours can be a mental marathon. Loading up your browser during your lunch break and making four moves in as many different games is far less exhausting. You can easily browse through previous moves to get a context of the flow of the game, but you often don't need it.

Anyway, I'd love to play anybody reading the site. Make a Little Golem account and invite DeathMonkey to a Go match. Or join one of the many Go tournaments and I might see you in there. I'm awful, so don't worry about losing to me. If you want to learn how to play, I found a cool interactive guide to get started.

Hope to play against you!

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