Q Entertainment's Lumines has become the outstanding game of the PSP launch, and their Meteos looks to deliver a complimentary experience on the DS. Where Miziguchi's Lumines creates Rez-like synesthetic epiphanies by merging sight, sound, and gameplay, Sakurai's Meteos appears to be a more workman-like piece, true to the designer's Nintendo heritage, that looks to be a faster, more tactical puzzle game. Both titles are distinctly appropriate for their platform; Lumines provides a spectacle on the PSP, Meteos utilizes the DS touch screen for its main game mechanic.

1up has a lengthy preview of the title and a Tokyopia interview with Miziguchi provides a bit of insight into the development of Meteos.

I've also dug through Meteos's Japanese web site to get more information. These translations are using Google's translation tool; while it could hardly be considered readable English, the combination of images allows you to get an idea of how the game works.

Main Site
Gameplay description

Two Player Meteos supports up to four!
Single Player Shows various alien types and the effects of their planets

I was initially quite concerned about two of my favorite designers falling from their heights of major projects at Sega and Nintendo to making (what I thought were) budget puzzle games for Bandai. I should have had more faith.

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Steve said...

And Penny Arcade now has its typical witty analysis of the game in three very concise panels. =) (warning: profanity, like 80% of all Penny Arcade strips)