X-Com on Game Boy Advance!

Well, close, but not exactly. The developers that of X-Com (as well as Laser Squad Nemesis) secured a publishing deal with Namco for a 3rd person squad based tactical game for the Game Boy Advance.

The press release mentions a number of multiplayer options offered (hot seat, link play), but I can't help but think this would be suited far better to the DS when internet play is available. Regardless, I'm glad it is getting made.



Jose Zagal said...

Initially I was really excited about the news...but then I started to think "what can I expect from this game that I didn't get from FF:Tactics or Ogre Tactics?". I'm not really sure... was my initial enthusiasm misplaced or did I suffer a sudden attack of "jadedness"?

DeathMonkey said...

The simple answer is "ranged combat". There was nominal ranged combat in FFT and Tactics Ogre, but X-Com-style games focus on getting a clean, high percentage shot at your enemies and using cover to survive. In this way the game rules are far more concrete than a fantasy strategy game.

Japanese and "Western" strategy games are also drastically different in their approaches. Japanese games tend to be easy to play, but lack depth or balance. Western games tend to be overcomplicated, but more enjoyable in the long term. The obvious exception is Fire Emblem and Advance Wars which share the best qualities of both.

Todd "Being Annoying" Lewis said...

How come you never have any personal posts on here?!