Harmonix Fan Mail

I've been rocking out to Guitar Hero for the last two weeks and wrote the following fan mail to the awesome folks at Harmonix:

Wow; Guitar Hero is awesome!

The music selection is sublime, the art direction is inspired, the difficulty progression is smooth (ok, maybe not with Bark at the Moon), and the whole feel of the game is great. The loading screen help text is hilarious (the first time I saw the "Freebird" one I almost cried), everything about the game is great.

I hope you sell millions of copies of the game and I can't wait for an expansion!

Good luck!

Soon after I send my message, Mike Dornbrook, COO of Harmonix, replied:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the kind words - reactions like yours are the reason we do this.

If sales keep up like they have so far, there's no doubt we'll be doing sequels. We've got *lots* of ideas for improvements!

Rock on,

Digging around a bit on the company web site, I found out that Mike worked on the Infocom classics Zork, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Anyways, I've been a Harmonix fan since Frequency, but after talking with Mike and reading the latest Edge article on the company, I can't contain how big of a fanboy I am. Not only do they make sublime games like Guitar Hero, Frequency, and Amplitude, they are tremendously nice and refreshingly humble about their amazing work.

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