DS Lite!

Just when I think that I'm somehow less nerdy that I was before, I do something that not only fastens the geek badge to my chest, it shines it up and makes me puff my chest out. That's how I felt at 8 a.m. this (Sunday!) morning driving around to various Targets and WalMarts trying to get my hands on Nintendo's revision of it's workhorse handheld.

I wouldn't have felt the nerdiness as pronounced if I didn't have company. When I wandered into Target, there're four other people awaiting the system's release. A father and his 10 year old kid, and a young Asian couple. The Target said that it would release on Tuesday instead of Sunday, despite people arguing that Nintendo's own website listed it as releasing today. (I heard the manager say that they sold some of the systems early, and Nintendo may have fined them and forced them to release it at a later date. Who knows.)

So I headed back home, called around trying to find the system somewhere. Called a WalMart, asked for the electronics department, and asked if I could get a DS Lite. The lady said "Oh, today's June 11th? Yeah, we got `em." I hang up and head over. Standing around looking for someone in the electronics section, it's easy to find others milling about waiting for the system. 20-something? Check. Overweight? Check. Pale complexion? Check. I'd say something about these unwashed masses, but I match all the above criteria and was wearing my Sega Dreamcast t-shirt I got back in 1999 to top it off.

Anyways, how's the system? As others have said, it's bright, light, and what Nintendo should have released in the first place. The glossy finish more than hints toward an iPod feel, and gives the gadget a "ohhh, I want to take care of this" shininess that Apple's music player and the PSP have. If you liked the original system, you'll enjoy playing games on the DS Lite more. It's quite similar to the upgrade from the GBA to the GBA SP. I have no regrets with the upgrade.

If you're on the fence, these great videos by Cabel demonstrate the system almost as well as holding it in your hands. Nintendo should hire this guy to make commercials for them.

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