Railroads! Developer Humor

Friday afternoon, Don, Casey, and I were "testing" Sid Meier's Railroads multiplayer. The game involves laying down railroad track, building depots, buying and routing trains around to pick up goods at certain industries and deliver them elsewhere to make money. The way to win the scenario was by buying out all of your opponents' stock.

Anyways, Casey was having a good game and I was having a bad one, and he bought me out pretty early on, with a complimentary "suck it!" when he purchased the last bit of my stock. When you buy out a player you get ownership of all their tracks, trains, and stations, but somehow I was still making money even though I was out of the game. It turns out when a buyout occured, the trains change owners but the train cars did not. So Casey's trains that were once mine weren't making him any money; in fact, they were actually losing money because he had to pay maintenance on all of them while I (a "dead player") was taking all the revenue.

"Haha, you're going to have to sell all my trains!" After laughing at him for a bit, I started helping him by pointing out which trains were mine to get rid of. After deleting a few, He deleted a train leaving a coal mine with three full cars.

"Dude, you deleted your own train!"

"No, that was your train." Casey replied.

"I never built that track! I didn't deliver any coal; I swear that wasn't my train." I insisted.

"That had to be your train, I didn't build that track." Casey said getting confused.

Suddenly, Don piped up: "Hey, what happened to my train!?"

Looking on Don's screen, he was staring at the coal mine and piece of track Casey and I were arguing about. "I just bought a train and it disappeared!"

After a good laugh, I went upstairs and added the code that prevented players from selling other's belongings.

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