Golden Spike

Sid Meier's Railroads! went gold early Monday afternoon and should be hitting the shelves around October 17th.

While I don't think it'll ever be "fun" to finish a game, working on Railroads! with my team at Firaxis has been an awesome experience from beginning to end. I'm immensely proud to have worked with these individuals and, for the first time, feel that I contributed a significant portion to the final product.

It's hard to know how well an economic strategy game with trains will do in one of the toughest Christmas seasons in years (with the PS3 and Wii launches and the World of Warcraft expansion), but I hope that it surprises some people who wouldn't normally expect to enjoy laying track, dropping depots, and routing trains. I've always enjoyed economic strategy games, and I feel like we've made a title that stands with the best of them.

Official site (Best promo site for a game I've worked on.)
Demonstration Video
Previews: GameSpot, 1up
Demo: FilePlanet, 3DGamers


Steve said...

Congrats, Scott! Glad to hear you've survived to ship another one. =)

Railroads! looks awesome. The original RR Tycoon was one of my favorites back in the early '90s. I gave up the series after struggling with the impossible 3D navigation in the third installment. The videos on the website make it look like a lot of the ridiculous positioning mechanics from the dark years have been worked out...hooray!

I do have to say, though, that's an awful lot of Chrysler buildings. ;)

Anyway, hope you're lined up for a long and well-deserved vacation now that the bits are checked in. Hi to you and Bessie from both of us!

JP Zagal said...


I suppose it's now all about sipping pina coladas at the beach? Hope you get some rest! :-)