Todd Loves The Tingle

Todd: This game needs a Tingle[1]!
DeathMonkey: :&
DeathMonkey: what game?
Todd: My game.
DeathMonkey: hmmm
Todd: Come on, every game needs a character that just
freaks you out in it. :)
Todd: Hope he's in the new Zelda[2].
Todd: If he's not I'm gonna be UP-SET!
DeathMonkey: I'm sure he will be
DeathMonkey: Though I'm really concerned about him being
realistically rendered. :&
Todd: And this time he'll be "realistic". :P
Todd: Hahah
Todd: Nintendo should pull a MGS2[3]. :)
DeathMonkey: :&
DeathMonkey: NOOOOO
Todd: Buy a Zelda game 3 hours in you're Tingle!
Todd: On an epic fairy quest!
DeathMonkey: NOOOOOOOO
Todd: Best joke EVA.

[1]Tingle has always been disturbing. He's a 35 year old "fairy" that's appeared in the Legend of Zelda series. His catch-phrase is "Tingle-Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!"
[2]Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess is the next game in the series.
[3]Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is infamous for advertising the game in the US as the player controlling the macho Solid Snake throughout the experience, but actually the player begins the game controlling Snake then ends up playing as the somewhat effeminate Raiden after the first few hours. This was a wildly unpopular, but deeply funny, trick.


Derek said...

8:28 AM me: Tingle? Waa?
8:42 AM Todd: :P
Haha, how'd you see that post?
8:43 AM me: ha ha - I subscribe to your brother's blog so I can keep up with you - since he blogs more than you do :-P
8:44 AM Todd: haha.
You don't know who Tingle is. :)
You're like a spy. :P
me: I do now... ...my curiousity was piqued
of course... ...I even know what you are doing right now!

(switches from GTalk to MSN)

Todd Lewis says: Talk over here so I can close Gmail. :P
Todd Lewis says: Whatever!
Derek Detweiler says: whatever... ...I needed to talk in gmail so it would automagically save my superspy conversation so I can reference it later in my many blackmail operations!!
Todd Lewis says: Haha. :P
Todd Lewis says: Yeah Tingle is just a really weird character found in the Zelda games. He walks around in green tights and is really ugly and generally makes no sense at all.
Todd Lewis says: He thinks he's a fairy but he's just a guy in a suit.
Todd Lewis says: And everyone hates him. :)
Derek Detweiler says: um, twisted
Derek Detweiler says: yeah, I think I do too :-P
Todd Lewis says: Haha, he's just odd, and I think they intentionally put him in the game because they know no one likes him.
Todd Lewis says: And I think that's funny.
Derek Detweiler says: ha ha
Derek Detweiler says: I think I'm going to post this conversation as a comment on your brother's blog...
Todd Lewis says: Haha. :P
Todd Lewis says: great!
Derek Detweiler says: He'd be like "Todd's weird friend is spying on me..."
Todd Lewis says: Everything I say is going to be on the web. :P
Todd Lewis says: Haha.
Derek Detweiler says: "Todd Lewis says: I can really relate with Tingle - imagining myself as a fairy is really fun."
Todd Lewis says: Whatever. :P
Derek Detweiler says: I augmented the conversation a bit
Todd Lewis says: Now you're just making up stuff. :P
Derek Detweiler says: :-D

Some pirate said...

that's pretty funny.