Christmas DS Haikus

A few of co-workers have gotten Nintendo DSs for themselves or their family and some have asked me what I recommend. Well, how about recommendations in haiku form? Everybody loves that!

Elite Beat Agents
Male cheerleaders? Huh?!
This comic music game grooves
even with Believe[1].

Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime
Look what's on my head!
I'll fire it from my huge tank!
Hope you like mad puns.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Has Metroid-vania[2]
ever been done better? No.
Take notes, Nintendo!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Nethack[3], lose no sleep;
It's a puddle to your lake.
Still, fun in the car.

[1]Yes, Cher's Believe. While some may question the track list, Elite Beat Agents remains a fun game no matter how many hundreds of times you've heard the songs.
[2]Metroid-vania is a sub-genre of 2D platformers defined by their maze-like non-linearity and the collection of abilities that open up new areas to explore. The first Metroid-vania was Nintendo's Metroid, and later Konami's Castlevania games began mimicking them.
[3]Nethack is probably the most bestest game ever made. It's free, amazing, rendered in ascii, and nearly as accessible as Finnegans Wake.

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