A Brave New World (in more ways than one)

Where to start?

Brave New World, the next expansion for Civilization 5, has been wrapped up and is ready to go. I've was able to fulfill a development dream and design a trade system to be added to the game. Something about caravans and trade ships moving around the screen delights me to no end and I hope other people enjoy it as well.

After much discussion with Bessie, I've decided this would be the best time to leave my position at Firaxis Games and work with Todd and Derek at Gopherwood Studios. My seven years (!) at Firaxis have been wonderful and I'm proud that I got to work with such great people on such great products. I will miss my team tremendously; they are my second family and, while I'm not moving away from Baltimore, I'll miss talking to them daily and being a part of their lives.

That said, I'm both nervous and excited about working at Gopherwood Studios. I'll be a contractor, largely responsible for pulling in my own clients, and that will be a big change from the "paycheck every two weeks" life of AAA publisher development. (Gulp!) I said for years that this is what I've wanted and now it's time to live it. I can't thank Todd and Derek enough for giving me this opportunity and Bessie for her patience and understanding.

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